EMD-WRF South Korea (ERA-Interim)

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EMD-WRF South Korea is a high resolution mesoscale dataset modelled and provided by EMD International A/S.

Note: This data-set requires an additional license (see below).

Dataset Description

The mesoscale model is run at a spatial resolution of 0.029°x0.029°, approximately 3x3 km, with hourly temporal resolution. ERA Interim data from ECMWF (http://www.ecmwf.int) are the global boundary data. The timespan of the data is back to 1994 up until latest available boundary data (see below on Release Schedule). Data access is via WindPRO’s user friendly interface to on-line data and payment of an annual subscription fee.

Release Schedule

Data are updated monthly with an approximate 3 months delay defined by ERA Interims availability. Before contacting support because of delays in the release schedule, please check ERA interims availability on the ERA availability page. EMD-WRF South Korea data cannot be computed before ERA interim data is available.

When downloading the most recent data, please note that the last day of the last month will be missing until the next month is added. This is because in order to compute a full day of data, the 24:00h (or 0:00 of following day) time stamp is required, but the last time stamp of a month in ERA interim data is 18:00 h.

Required modules/licenses

To access the EMD-WRF South Korea mesoscale data the following licenses/modules are required in your WindPRO setup:

  • Basis
  • EMD-WRF South Korea

When the license fee is paid, then you have access to the full data-set without further cost. The cost is available from the price-list on the EMD-homepage. Downloading of data is unrestricted for licenced users, however a "fair use" policy applies. Unlicenced users may download three months of data from any point, however multiple downloads are not allowed from the same point.

Model Domain

The model domain for EMD-WRF South Korea is shown in the figure below. Southkorea cutdown.png