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This WindPRO-Wiki currently contains a description of all the online-datasets that are available directly from within WindPRO. This wiki seeks to describe the remote sensing data and other data available for download or which can be accessed from WindPRO. Since more online-datasets become available in-between WindPRO releases, then EMD has decided to release the online dataset documentation in a dynamic wiki-format. This enables a more dynamic (and frequent) update of the associated datasets and their documentation.

Please note: This page describes the datasets available within WindPRO 3.3.

WindPRO Documentation on Online Data

In the table below, you can find the complete list of online services and datasets available from within WindPRO. A graphical/tabular overview of the datasets with update frequencies, coverage and resolutions is also available for wind data and remaining data. In the section Other Sources we have added brief descriptions on datasets that you may download from external internet resources.

Global & Regional Digital Elevation Models (DEM)

National Digital Elevation Models (DEM)

Digital Roughness Models (DRM)

Wind Data

EMD-WRF Mesoscale Wind Data

Databases on Turbines

Digital Map Data

Forest Maps (Canopy/Tree Heights)

Digital Bathymetry Models (DBM), Water Depths

Other Data Sources