United Kingdom Elevation Datasets

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Wind farm at Mynydd Clogau, Wales. Transparent areas are where no LiDAR scans are made. If loading the data in an elevation grid object, these areas can easily be void-filled with other sources such as the 50m gridded data from OS Land Form or OS Terrain.

This page holds the links to the various windPRO elevation datasets from the United Kingdom: England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The datasets originate from different sources (see section "Coverage" below).


The following elevation datasets are currently available within windPRO for the individual parts the United Kingdom territory:

Current Datasets:

  • UK - Great Britain OS Terrain 50 - 50m grid and 10m contour lines - (data from years 2014, 2018 & 2020) - here
  • UK - England Elevation Model (LiDAR) - 10m grid - here
  • UK - Scotland Elevation Model (LiDAR) - 5m grid - here
  • UK - Wales Elevation Model (LiDAR) - 5m grid - here
  • UK - Northern Ireland Elevation Model - OSNI - 10m grid - see separate documentation - here

Historical / Unmaintained Datasets:

  • UK - Great Britain - OS Land Form PANORAMA - 50m grid (no longer updated) - see separate documentation - here.

Availability in WindPRO

All datasets above can be easily accessed from the online-services in the following objects:

  • Line Object (with purpose set to height contour lines)
  • Elevation Grid Object

License, Conditions of Access and Use

See the separate documentation pages above.