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EMD-WRF Middle East Domain
This page holds links to EMD-WRF Mesoscale data benchmarks made by users or evaluators of the dataset. Please let us know if you have made any publications that we may reference (please; just drop us an email; see our contact information below).

2015 - Publications

Title: Use of mesoscale wind data: contribution to a better and cheaper resource assessment for offshore windfarm development?
Author: Konstantinos Gkarakis, HWEA/TEI
Media: EWEA Offshore Conference 2015

Title: The EWEA Wind Resource Workshop - Mesoscale Benchmark
Author: Andrea Hahmann (DTU) et al
Media: EWEA Resouce Assessment Workshop 2015, Helsinki, Finland
Note: EMD dataset is participant MSBE.007

Title: Site Studies Wind Farm Zone Borssele - Wind Ressource Assessment
Author: ECOFYS
Media: Netherlands Enterprise Agency - Site Survey Reports for Offshore Wind Farms in the North Sea
Note: EMD-WRF dataset is documented in Appendix D

2014 - Publications

Title: In-depth validation key to acceptance of mesoscale results
Author: Eric Holtslag, ECOPHYS
Media: EWEA 2014 (PO.148)

Title: EMD-ConWx mesoscale data and MERRA reanalysis data in comparison to thirty ground based meteorological masts in Greece
Author: Konstantinos Gkarakis, HWEA/TEI
Media: EWEA 2014 (PO.148)

Title: Comparison of reanalysis data with long-term measurements in complex and coastal terrains
Author: Dimitri Foussekis, CRES
Media: EWEA 2014 (PO.147)


You may contact the EMD meso-modelling team at the following email addresses:

  • Lasse Svenningsen (ls@emd.dk)
  • Morten Lybech Thøgersen (mlt@emd.dk)
  • Thorkild Guldager Sørensen (tgs@emd.dk)