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Historically, windPRO and energyPRO users have benefitted from easy access to the EMD online-databases – data which have been specifically developed and distributed for renewable energy purposes. With the REST (Representational State Transfer) based API’s in the EMD-API service, it is now possible to connect your machine driven workflows, internal tools and services directly to more than 1Pb of high-quality climate data and other services at EMD. This page provides a brief overview on how to access the EMD online-services through a REST-based API-access based on the OpenAPI standard. Resources for the OpenAPI standard and the data model are here:

Please note:

  • This EMD-API introduction is aimed at programmers, modellers or analysts who are working with machine-driven interfaces and workflows, typically using programming languages like python or R.
  • Also note, that we provide a number of python (jupyter notebook) samples to get you kick-started in using our API-services and to integrate towards your own services and tools.

Get Help, Get Access or See Operational Status


Database-access is via an API-key approach which authenticates against a server-whitelist. Dataset users provide their login credentials (user-name and serial-key) – and the server responds with a API-key that is then used for the authentication within the data-service API's. The API-key is personal and is never to be shared.

URL's for API-Access and Documentation

Data and services are accessed from the following general URL: Individual data and service API's are available from other wiki-pages (see also the category pages below).

Beta Testing / Beta Release

The EMD-API is currently in beta - and will remain so for the rest of year 2020. As such, expect a few outages for the service and also the endpoints to change slightly over the test-period and for the final release. The beta-users will be informed of any revisions and service-updates. Show your interest in participating in the beta-trial by signing up:

License Conditions

At this time of writing (November 2020), this service is in beta-release. The current licencing conditions - for the beta-API services - are as follows:

API access is currently provided as an addition to the services provided for our windPRO and energyPRO users. As such, the general EMD license conditions apply - see pdf-here. For our API-users, the license conditions are amended with the following:

Conditions for EMDAPI-Users:
API access to EMD online-databases are restricted to users who have been granted or have purchased the EMDAPI-access subscription. API-users are granted a license to use the data, combine the data with other products, copy the data and distribute the data in a modified form - also as a part of a commercial re-licensing. The data can be used as a part of an application or service. The following restrictions apply: Data downloads are unlimited – however a fair use policy apply. Multiple, simultaneous download-streams are not allowed. It is not allowed to re-sell or re-distribute the data in an unmodified form (where the original numerical values in the dataset are left unmodified). EMD must be notified of and approve in writing any commercial data-service offerings with re-licensing aimed at 3rd-parties. API-subscribers must clearly acknowledge EMD and its data providers as the source of data in any private or public disseminations: For details on how-to provide the attribution see the individual climate-dataset documentation pages at the online-data wiki:

The license conditions will be updated before final release of this service. Contact our sales department to learn more.


The EMD-API has been developed as a part of the RECAST project. RECAST is a joint R&D project with participants from the wind energy industry and academia: EMD, Vestas, RES and DTU. The RECAST project is co-funded by the Innovation Fund Denmark.

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