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This page holds a list of any current issues concerning the operational status of the EMD-API.
If you discover an issue with the EMD-API service, please contact the EMD hotline at support@emd.dk.

Operational Status

2022-10-28@15.15-19:00: Very long processing times a very large number of simultaneous requests.
2022-07-26@00:00-07:30: Unscheduled downtime due to server configuration issue.
2022-06-26@01:15-09:15: Unscheduled downtime due to server configuration issue.
2022-06-11@09:00-15:00: Unscheduled downtime due to storage-server problems.
2022-05-18@15:45-16:15: Half an hour of downtime due to unscheduled maintenence.
2021-12-13@09:30-12:00: Unscheduled maintenence due to security upgrade of the emd-api web server.
2021-05-20@09:25-09:50: We were experiencing a server-problem for our api.emd.dk. The service was running again in 30-45 minutes (09:50)
2020-12-06@00:00: No problems reported.