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August 2023, build 3.6.377

Below you will find a list of all issues fixed in Service Pack 3:

This Service Pack contains corrections to bugs and comments reported by users. Thanks to all for submitting feedback.

See list of previous releases here: windPRO releases


  • Fixed annoyance where elevation grid was not automatically displayed after opening a project.
  • Fixed issue where GWA .lib files where not recognized due to changes in format.
  • Fixed issue where the displacement height calculation was not working when setting "Yes" for "Zone in eastern coordinate".


  • Fixed issue where the legend of PV areas was missing on report diagrams.


  • Fixed issue where a HYBRID calculation was not possible if an included PARK calculation contains a colon ":" in the calculation name.


  • Fixed error in Horizontal Uncertainty calculation, where only the first layer of WTGs would be included in uncertainty calculation.
  • Fixed issue with copy-pasting curtailment rules did not work.


  • Updated link to WAsP parameter documentation.
  • Fixed issue where the use of "Deviation from standard time" would have no impact on disabled data.


  • Updated link to WAsP parameter documentation.


  • Fixed issue where using the Rikets net coordinate system would cause an exception.


  • Fixed error where calculating a Park Power Curve (PPC) with "Park with resource file" would just generate a table of zero-values.


  • Fixed issue with wind index import via clipboard.
  • Fixed issue with cloning wind index database not working.
  • Fixed issue with scada data containing "uneven" time stamps could cause wind speed correction calculation to fail. To correct the issue in existing calculations, the scada data must be reloaded.


  • Fixed issue where photomontages showing visible WTG's was not showing the correct result if the elevation data is in an elevation grid and in a certain coordinate system (like MGA94).
  • Fixed issue where using an elevation grid object with multiple layers with the same name, would cause a wireframe rendering to always use the first layer.
  • Fixed issue where PV panels located far away from the camera object were not rendered.


  • Added operation and sunshine statistics to Main report when calculating real case maps.
  • Changed reporting in SHADOW calculation, so if there are no RPM value defined for the turbine the report now prints a hyphen "-" instead of zero.


  • Adjusted default settings for WEng based ambient turbulence.


  • Fixed error in result-to-file. If Bifacial was enabled, the result-to-file would print "No" instead of "Yes".
  • Added ability to allow generic table structures with 1 leg.
  • Fixed error in Main report, printing a wrong amount of gapfilling no matter the actual recovery rate.


  • Fixed issues in relation to round robin tests.


  • Fixed issue where a 3.5 ZVI report opened in 3.6 would print the name of an elevation grid object not used in the calculation.

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