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January 2024, build 4.0.531

Below you will find a list of all issues fixed in Service Pack 1

This Service Pack contains corrections to bugs and comments reported by users. Thanks to all for submitting feedback.

See list of previous releases here: windPRO releases

The items below are ordered alphabetically by module, then by importance.


  • Fixed issue where adding 5 dynamic maps or more would start overwriting previously added dynamic maps.
  • Fixed missing attributes for User Label and Result in .shp export.
  • Fixed issue where windPRO attempted to load WAsP parameters even though WAsP license had not been activated.
  • Added warning if the orographic extent for CFD is below 20 km.
  • The 'Arrange' button in top right corner of windPRO window no longer resets the window layout when clicked.
  • Fixed annoyance where rotating an Obstacle Object with a map description could display the description twice.
  • Fixed annoyance in Favorites tab where group names would disappear.
  • Fixed cropped texts in NSA object.
  • Added label to Solar ribbon tab.


  • Fixed issue in Cable/Line definition window where some changes would only become available after clicking OK and re-opening the window.


  • Changed order of configuration options in the Mesoscale Data window.


  • Fixed annoyance where text was truncated.


  • Fixed typos.


  • Time series synthesis / missing bins: Previously, missing bins were in some cases filled with the overall shear value. This has been corrected to use a more situation-dependent filling strategy.
  • Correction for the use of displacement heights when using the downscaling within the METEO object via add scaled data.
  • Fixed issue where deleting all Displacement Height Calculators would not automatically clear the displacement height selection in the Profile view.
  • Fixed issue where Object Description fields would not be updated when clicking Apply.
  • Changed font color in Calibration tab in Dark theme.
  • Added warning if entering displacement height exceeding the lowest measurement height.
  • Fixed issue where using a scaler for cross-prediction would not display arithmetic mean wind speed in the Profile tab.
  • Added check for concurrency when un-selecting overlapping timeseries for cross-prediction in Meteo Analyzer.
  • METEO object, Tabular time series view: To avoid accidental deletions, the DEL-key (keyboard) doesn't work on selected lines in time series any more. For intentional deletions, please use the "Delete" button in the GUI.
  • Improved speed of opening some Meteo objects.


  • Fixed error when setting roughness class to 0.
  • Fixed error where a NORD2000 Detailed Results, Graphic could not be printed.
  • Fixed issue in report when using ambient noise + WTG noise in NORD2000.

OPTIMIZE - Layout Optimizer

  • Added ability to rename Site level after calculation.
  • Fixed issue where changing the currency of the selected cost model would not update the currency of the electricity price for NPV optimization.
  • Fixed annoyance where distance circles were invisible when running Dark theme.

OPTIMIZE - Noise Curtailment Optimizer

  • Fixed error where the curtailment optimizer would be too strict and curtail harder than necessary when running in German Interimsverfahren mode. It is recommended to re-run any noise curtailment optimizations using this configuration.
  • Fixed error where a height difference between WTG and reference point together with "Wind Speed Inside Wind Farm" could lead to a too strict noise mode being chosen by the optimizer. It is recommended to re-run all noise curtailment optimizations using this configuration to reduce losses.
  • Fixed error where noise optimization using a scaler with post-calibration would ignore said post-calibration. It is recommended to re-run any noise curtailment optimizations using this configuration.
  • Fixed issue where a mono-directional optimization setup would cause the grid of dimensions to display a wrong direction-value. Any calculation would however use the correct value.
  • Fixed issue in demo project "Curtailment Optimizer" pointing to a dead file path link.
  • Fixed issue where uncertainty values in NORD2000 optimization settings were not correctly handled.
  • Fixed issue with export of curtailment matrix. To get a proper export, please re-calculate DECIBEL.
  • Fixed issue where a prompt for missing data would not appear.
  • Fixed issue when trying to use WTG with no Power & Noise pairs defined in Curtailment Optimizer.
  • Fixed issue with "Reset to default" button not working as intended.
  • Deleting a curtailment strategy in windPRO will now also delete the underlaying files.
  • Added ability for WTGs to have different noise curtailment matrix dimensions.
  • Added a checkbox for deactivating the additional result table in "DECIBEL, detailed results graphic". This can be found in the report properties.
  • Added check for missing meteo data sooner in the workflow.
  • Added dynamic default layer selection in Noise matrix analyzer so the selection now reflects the layer selection of the main window.
  • Fixed text being truncated.


  • Fixed issue with table overlapping chart in Production Analysis report if many curtailments are present.
  • Fixed issue where PARK would complain if a selected WTG did not contain a default Power Curve while also having a Noise Matrix defined as curtailment.
  • Added warning when running PARK using a meteo object with a manually set z-value that differs from the digital height model used by WAsP.
  • Fixed annoyance where the progress bar would not show any update after 40% despite actually calculating.
  • Added the name of the selected 'Power & Noise pair' in the Main Report.


  • Fixed issue where changing the global filter settings could influence the filters used by the basic post construction calculations.
  • Added cosmetic spacing between checkboxes in the PARK setup.


  • Fixed problem where activating Aviation lights would throw an exception.
  • Improved calculation speed when rendering many PV areas.


  • Fixed issue where turbulence would not be calculated as siting parameters even if selected.


  • Fixed issue with curtailment plan setup for turbines defined as rows. Results were correctly printed in the report, but not in the setup. Requires reset of the curtailment plan by recalculating with no curtailments.
  • Renamed "Max shadow minutes per day" to "Max minutes per shadow day".
  • Reduced space between radio buttons on Start tab.


  • Fixed issue where exporting "Statistics for site mast(s)" to clipboard would fail.
  • Added extra turbulence values in XML output.

SketchUp Integration tool

  • Fixed issue where exporting many PV areas to SketchUp at the same time could make SketchUp freeze.


  • Fixed error when calculating topographic shadow in windPRO 4.0. Please re-calculate any SOLAR PV calculations made in 4.0 that uses topographic shadow.
  • Fixed issue where the SOLAR PV module would sometimes not allow editing of a particular panel or area.
  • Fixed issue with LCOE optimization running in less than 5 steps.
  • Fixed issue where optimizing LCOE with "Tilt angle" and "Row distribution as free space between rows" and then switching from this Run to a Run that uses "Row spacing [TH]" would throw an exception.
  • Fixed issue where converting from windPRO 3.4 panel alignment scheme to 3.5+ scheme would sometimes place panels outside the PV area.
  • Fixed issue where the "..." buttons for SHP exporter would disappear in some cases.
  • Fixed issue where having just one meteo object with solar radiation data would make the SOLAR PV calculation setup display a wrong date interval.
  • Fixed annoyance where selection of MW for Max Grid Export would revert back to kW after calculation.
  • Updated German translations.
  • Added units to Main Report - Scaling section.
  • Fixed typo in help text for scaling factors.
  • Fixed text being truncated.


  • Fixed problem where installations would fail if the user's organization has a central GPO policy which requires all PowerShell scripts to be signed.

T-RIX tool

  • Added Vertical Uncertainty to calculation and reports.


  • Default selection of WTG in Radar tab is now "Always use default values".
  • Fixed inconsistent table sorting of Clearance height in "Radar ZVI for WTGs summary" report.

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