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March 2024, build 4.0.540

Below you will find a list of all issues fixed in Service Pack 2

This Service Pack contains corrections to bugs and comments reported by users. Thanks to all for submitting feedback.

See list of previous releases here: windPRO releases

The items below are ordered alphabetically by module, then by importance.


  • Fixed issue where importing WRF layers from windPROSPECTING would not work
  • Copy/paste of power curve data in turbine catalogue will no longer include formatting


  • Fixed report issue for Finish Low Frequency calculation which could display too many frequencies. Recalculation required
  • Fixed issue with conversion of noise data from 10m to HH for turbines with binned curtailments
  • Fixed issue where a WTG with PowerMatrix could not be used in when using the setting "Wind speed at 95% of rated power"
  • Fixed display issue in object form for noise results using pseudo wind speeds
  • Fixed report issue for DECIBEL calculations combining "Highest noise value at receptor" with uncertainty
  • Fixed issue with warning about missing noise data appearing repeatedly for interactive noise line calculations
  • Fixed issue with the reset of the "Use default value from calculation" and "Use default uncertainty margin from model" in the NSA object. Pure tone penalty setup deactivated in NSA, when calculating with German propagation model.
  • Added a checkbox for deactivation of the additional result table in "DECIBEL, detailed results graphic" in the report properties
  • Added message dialog if low frequency noise calculation has been configured to calculate "Distance to noise demand" and no turbines exceeded the threshold
  • Increased the minimum height of the DECIBEL window
  • Fixed window size of NSA setup for German translations


  • Fixed issue with "wrong format" warning when copy pasting curtailment setup.


  • Fixed issues with calibration setup for Ammonit logger files
  • Fixed issue with calculation of magnetic declination
  • Fixed issue where the Meteo object would throw an irregular error message
  • Fixed issue where importing only electricity prices would throw a false warning
  • Fixed issue calculating concurrent time series in XY graph for time series with different time resolutions
  • Fixed issue where scaled heights from a meteo object would not appear in selection window for scalers

Fixed issue where entering a very large number (e.g. 999999) for "Days in window" would throw an exception

  • Added ability to load data from the future
  • Heights are now always displayed with 2 decimals


Fixed "Socket Error" exception. If you still experience this exception please contact


  • Fixed issue converting noise from 10m height to hub height
  • Fixed issue in main result report which could occur if "Always accepted" sound level exceeded ambient noise
  • Fixed issue with reports for calculations which include ambient noise


  • Fixed issue where EMD-WRF On-demand would not allow spaces in name. This is now allowed


  • Fixed issue with incorrect GROSS AEP in the report of time based PARK calculation, when more curtailments per time stamp was active.
  • Fixed issue where entering the same value in "From" and "To" in the Displacement Height Calculator would produce 0-values
  • Fixed issue where running a timevarying PARK calculation on a virtual machine with 2 cores would thrown an error message
  • Fixed issue in IEC power curve correction where rated power would not be detected for certain power curves with high-wind ramp-down
  • Added ability to see user label when selecting WTGs to include in report/ result to file


  • Fixed error with exception during the conversion of status logs in 10-min time series.
  • Fixed issue where the source information of wind energy index would disappear after export
  • Fixed issue with wind speed substitution if Performance Check was closed efter calculating correlations
  • Post Construction and Model Validation concepts will now fill gaps if missing data is detected
  • Added ability to create a meteo object for each turbine in the Performance Check profile with a "Select all"/"Deselect all" option
  • Added warning if no power curves are detected in WTG-Objects


  • Fixed error where a resource map in .Siteres format including flow inclination would generate too high values. It is recommended to recalculate resource files that include flow inclination


  • Fixed issue where it was not possible to run a PARK calculation with turbines with curtailment
  • Added properties in Sitedataobject


  • Fixed issue with order of shadow receptors in report if one or more receptors had curtailments
  • Added note to report for map with max hours/d in real case
  • Added option to choose between real case reduction for receptors based on monthly or yearly aggregation


  • Added ability to edit k and n parameters in Eurocode

T-RIX tool

  • Fixed error in T-RIX report where WTGs with too low HH would appear in the "allowed" column
  • Fixed error in T-RIX report where "vertical" was swapped with "horisontal"
  • Fixed issue where the T-RIX report would always print UTM WGS84 instead of the project coordinate system
  • Added option in T-TIX tool so it is possible to apply the User label as ID on the WTG and Reference tabs
  • Improved error message in T-RIX tool when measurement heights were lacking


Fixed issue with manually entered scaling factors

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