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Below you will find a list of all issues fixed in Service Pack 1:

This Service Pack contains corrections to bugs and comments reported by users. Thanks to all for submitting feedback.


  • Solved problem that TIN calculation during calculations can be very slow if the calculation area is not covered completely with elevation data.
  • If the computer loses the connection to a network drive so a .wpo cannot be found, windPRO will no longer overwrite it with an empty file once connection is re-established.
  • Loading a window layout from before version 3.1 no longer gives an exception
  • Fixed issue where multi-editing Shadow receptors would not properly save changes for receptor's slope
  • Fixed issue where importing coordinates from a GPX file would not allow deleting individual points
  • Fixed issue where having many World file background maps some parts would not be rendered
  • Fixed issue which prohibited adding some external WMS map servers
  • Added ability to export Area polygons as .grd files
  • Updated information in About window
  • Changed Help link to point to EMD support page
  • Added shortcuts for Calculation tester, WAsPResCalc and EMDPlayer in start menu


  • Fixed error where Ground attenuation would be initialized incorrectly for "Danish Codes"-model
  • Fixed error in calculation of Danish 1991 (BEK 304) noise code
  • Fixed issue when running Finnish noise model in combination with a mix of turbines using both PowerMatrix and Power/Noise pairs
  • German Interimsverfahren now uses emission side uncertainty by default
  • Added option to not show NSA-wise uncertainty on main report


  • Fixed an error in the hourly minimum demand power values in report
  • Changed report layout for wind cost model
  • Fixed typo


  • Fixed error which underestimated curtailment losses when a huge amount of curtailment conditions per WTG were defined. If you think that this could have a significant impact on your project, make sure to recalculate losses in Loss & Uncertainty.
  • Fixed issue by copy-pasting of curtailments


  • Fixed issue where the Measure tab would not calculate correlation (r) values if miniscule time shifts were present.
  • Fixed misspelling in Session report
  • Updated the mouseover hint next to "Show with residuals" to reflect the changes made between version 3.4 and 3.5


  • Fixed error in correction for magnetic declination: if magnetic declination correction has been used, we recommend applying the new correction and update relevant calculations
  • Fixed issues related to re-loading data after changes made in recalibration table
  • Fixed issue about handling of empty cells in calibration factors.
  • Fixed issues in the presentation of the (re)calibration table
  • Fixed issue in calibration table occurring in the case of several import filters and several calibration periods defined manually: the factor corrections are now applied to the defined calibration period independently of the import filter. We recommend reloading the data if relevant.
  • Fixed issues about the path to imported meteo data file (from file export or .wpobject export, including case with file mask)
  • Fixed issue about creating synthesized heights of imported time series
  • Fixed issue when clicking "Clear and load all" for >30 heights


  • Fixed error with wrong sign being used when defining asymmetrical no-RIX correction intervals
  • Fixed issue where a warning message would sometimes not be shown when the selected temperature signal for curtailment evaluation had low availability
  • Fixed issue where having too many curtailment criteria, the result-table in the report Production analysis would sometimes be hidden behind the charts.
  • Fixed issue where the "Edit WAsP parameters" button in scaler setup would not turn yellow
  • Fixed annoyance where various window labels would say "CFD area" or "WAsP", when using a .flowres file
  • Fixed typo for reference of Forsting's paper on blockage. The reference year has been corrected to 2017
  • Updated link to blockage description at main tab

Performance Check

  • Fixed a typo in "User Error code setup"
  • Added ability to view Load/Review tab for the "Error codes in time series" concept


  • Fixed problem that Photomontage window sometimes freezes for short periods
  • Fixed problem with Auto Adjust feature


  • RESOURCE no longer ask for coordinate system after rescaling
  • Fixed issue with an error message in STATGEN "meteo object must be inside the CFD result area" by STATGEN calculation with WAsP CFD.
  • A few bug-fixes in Resource-maps calibrations


  • Fixed issue with incorrect WTG type in Details & assumptions report.
  • Fixed issue with TI values displayed as zero when using GASP data
  • When using siteres: Other checks Earthquake and Lightning rate are now enabled pr default. Temperature check disabled
  • Hint added for reloading siteres files after changing design class or IEC edition
  • Changed description for frequency table based Meteo data
  • Weibull fit for extreme cases has been made very robust. Should erroneous cases occur sector weight is set to zero.
  • Updated link for lightning map


  • Fixes issue where saving time series as result to file with many receptors could cause an exception
  • Fixed issue where calculating SHADOW and deactivating line of sight could cause an exception
  • Defining the lower left (C) coordinate of a window now result in the same coordinates as defining lower right (D) with the calculated coordinates from C
  • Worst case WTG results now only appear on report if worst case calculation is selected in calculation properties

SketchUp Integration tool

  • Fixed bug where the export would fail if exporting both "all visible objects" and "all selected objects" at the same time
  • Fixed bug where selecting to export a wtg with a user-defined rotor angle would anyway be exported with a random rotor angle
  • Fixed issue that SketchUp would not load after saving project to new folder.
  • Small visual fix in CFD export window
  • The wtg direction can now be entered


  • Fixed error where the total design area would not be the sum of all areas, but instead just the size of the last area


  • Fixed error with incorrect gap-filling of production time series
  • Fixed issue where windPRO could get stuck when using the feature "separate error codes"
  • Fix in the correlation formula in the detailed method.
  • Added a default file name when saving a report as PDF


  • Fixed issue in Radar Object where the user-defined Z value would be overridden by the TIN, even if TIN was deselected.
  • The Radar altitude is now printed in the report

The latest version of windPRO can always be downloaded here:

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