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Below you will find a list of all issues fixed in Service Pack 1:

This Service Pack contains corrections to bugs and comments reported by users. Thanks to all for submitting feedback.


  • Added Belgian Lambert72 coordinate system (EPSG 31300) as commonly used system for Belgian sites
  • Changed default sizing assumptions for the example used in the cost calculator tool
  • Fixed issue with missing warnings when leaving edited WTGs in the WTG catalogue without saving changes
  • Fixed missing indication showing Solar PV as being in Edit mode
  • Fixed issue where wind turbine models' former names were editable


  • Fixed issue with WTG specific uncertainty not working for Finnish ISO model
  • Fixed error with WTG-NSA distance calculation in Main Results report when using only the "Last digit only" option for UTM(north)-WGS84 Zone 32


  • Fixed issue where Quick view of Glare was not visible in right-click menu


  • Added support for version 4 of Load Response format


  • Fixed typo "Hysteresis"


  • Fixed error in calculated overall mean wind speed when one or more months has a mean wind speed of zero
  • Fixed issue where having identical calibration values for multiple periods and same channels could cause invalid calibration setup
  • Fixed issue where calibration period changed if the warning for overlapping periods was ignored
  • Fixed issue with diurnal averaging with different time resolutions
  • Fixed issue with duplicate values in wind direction uncertainty calculation in RSD in METEO-Analyser
  • Fixed issue where setting no value for "Deviation from standard time" would throw a warning
  • Fixed issue where invalid TI values would throw an error
  • Fixed annoyance when scrolling through sectors in a shear matrix with mouse or keyboard
  • Better import of Ammonit logger files


  • Fixed issue where using RSF files with empty/non-numerical values would throw an error
  • Fixed issue where having WTG areas with no settings could cause exceptions
  • Changed Swedish translation of "N.O. Jensen" to "N.O. Jensen (RISØ/EMD) Park 2 2018"
  • Fixed minor cosmetic annoyances


  • Fixed issue with WDC setup window that could have led to incorrect WDC setup
  • Fixed issue with Report Setup not displaying the Cost report
  • Fixed issue with a specific General Cost model throwing an error when opening the Cost calculation report in PARK
  • Fixed issue with MR
  • Changed the default fallback value for WDC to 0.06 when TI is invalid (When using advanced settings for Park 2 using TI scaled to WTG position and HH)
  • Changed description text for Advanced Park 2 settings
  • Added explanatory text about assumptions for wakes and curtailment losses in Time Varying AEP report


  • Fixed issue with FOV values differing between Camera object properties and result to file
  • Fixed issue with a non-existing camera object appearing in an older or duplicated VISUAL calculation


  • Fixed issue with allowing windPRO to close before all operations are done


  • Fixed Swedish translation of "Eye height (ZVI) a.g.l" to "Ögonhöjd for ZVI"


  • Fixed issue with a non existing camera object appearing in an older or duplicated VISUAL calculation


  • Fixed issue with incorrect detection of "No status after gap" after daylight saving time was activated
  • Fixed issue with daylight saving time handling in the detailed method

The latest version of windPRO can always be downloaded here:

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