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Below you will find a list of all issues fixed in Service Pack 1:

SITE COMPLIANCE now certified in accordance with IEC 61400-1 Ed. 4 (2019).


  • Values in Result to file no longer has thousand separators, making it easier to copy to Excel.
  • Result to file in XML format now includes free and reduced wind speeds.
  • .map files with combined orography and roughness data can now only be manipulated through Edit mode.


  • Precipitation signal can now be used in curtailment rules, e.g. for bat curtailment.
  • Wind direction removed as default signal for bat curtailment.
  • Negative curtailment losses are better shown in Main report and Production Analysis report.
  • WDC list now sorted by hub height.


  • Minimum Y-axis in wind speed time series is now -1 as default. This is configurable.
  • Copy-pasting both latitude and longitude in on go now works again in Meteo.
  • Meteo now remembers the selected number of sectors across tabs.
  • Fixed issue with Meteo not allowing selection of scaled height.
  • Fixed overlapping texts in Measurement report (Meteo object).


  • Faster SHADOW calculation when using gridded elevation data.
  • Fixed issue with importing flicker curtailment rules to SHADOW.


  • Improved checks in DECIBEL using model pure tone penalty source
  • Fixed issue when cloning a DECIBEL calculation using new 2019 Danish model and then changing to old Danish model.
  • Fixed issue in reports where sometimes octave data at 10m a.Gr were displayed as hub height octave data (but correctly used).
  • Fixed issue where cancelling a DECIBEL calculation could cause the TIN to be disappear.


  • Layer markers in PHOTOMONTAGE now allow user-defined colors.
  • Layer marker settings can be exported.
  • Layer marker color can now be taken from WTG object.
  • The selection of layers is now remembered when re-opening the layer markers setup.
  • Coloring of .DAE model turbines now possible from Camera Properties.
  • Fixed issue where in special cases WTG symbols were not displayed.


  • Performance Check now allows for loading multiple signals of the same type.
  • Fixed issue where user-defined error code categories would reset.
  • Fixed issue where a wrong WTG ID could be shown in print-out.
  • Fixed issue with out of memory error when importing error codes from file or clipboard.
  • Fixed issue where, with a certain import filter, the power curve graph would use std. wind speed instead of mean wind speed.


  • Fixed issue where deleting the used long-term reference mast could cause a bug in SITE COMPLIANCE.
  • Fixed issue where saving a 3.3 project as .w32p could in rare cases could corrupt the structure of SITE COMPLIANCE calculations.


  • Cloned L&U reports now add “Copy of” pre-fix to title again.
  • Curtailment losses transferred from PARK to L&U could sometimes disappear when cloning a L&U calculation.
  • Fixed issue in NSA object where centre point was not positioned correctly..
  • Fixed issue with result layer being activated when changing WTG layout
  • Fixed issue with date-selection tools when Windows uses a custom short datetime format.
  • Fixed issue where adding many background maps with world files could slow down search for external files considerably.
  • Fixed issue with changing table sorting when copy-pasting tables from reports.
  • Fixed issue with coordinate system being wrongly displayed (but correctly used) for projects created prior to version 3.2.
  • Fixed issue with blank map sometimes being printed in reports instead of the first map in the Background Maps list.
  • Fixed issue with license to IEC 61400-12-1 tool (WTG<>mast terrain/meas.angle check).
  • Fixed issue with download information window not showing
  • WINDBANK calculations can now be cloned/edited again.
  • All tools can be closed using the ESC key.
  • Improved handling of Trend Micro OfficeScan false-positive alerts during installation.

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