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Below you will find a list of all issues fixed in Service Pack 3:

This Service Pack mostly contain corrections to bugs reported by users. Thanks to all for submitting feedback.

New Data Services


  • The windPRO installer now makes it easier to close a running windPRO instance to complete an update.
  • Fixed rare issue with ZVI result layer generating invalid polygon shape files.
  • Changed default TileProvider-server to


  • Fixed weighting issue in Time varying PARK report with timestamps for sun/rise sunset curtailments.
  • Fixed issue where RESOURCE calculation would sometimes not start if multiple windstatistics from different sources were used.
  • WDC now included in XML for VSU.


  • Fixed reporting of default values of ground attenuation and directivity correction for ISO 9613-2 German (Interimsverfahren) calculated with windPRO 3.1.633. The calculation results themselves were correct.
  • ISO-9613-2: An error was found and corrected when areas are identified for hard terrain and turbines were placed in these areas. The result is a lower noise impact at receptor.


  • Fixed issue with painting flags in meteo analyzer.
  • Fixed issues with substitution if source or destination data is missing/out of range.


  • Fixed minor sporadic discrepancy between Measure tab and Model Input Data tab on the correlation when averaging.
  • Matrix method now respects change of wind speed binning.
  • Changed wording of mouse-over help-text on Model LT tab.


  • Fixed issue in Analyzer graph table, where having a combination of gaps in measurement time series and filters on e.g. calculated wind direction could cause the calculated values in the table and the graph export to be incorrect.


  • Fixed error in the extreme wind speed calculation when using k-factor pre-condition.
  • Fixed issue where curtailment with decimals on wind speed (introduced in 3.3) could lead to a minor issue in Load Response. The fix can result in very small differences in curtailment cases with particular decimals on wind speed.

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