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Below you will find a list of all issues fixed in Service Pack 1:

This Service Pack contains corrections to bugs reported by users. Thanks to all for submitting feedback.


  • Fixed issue with loading an old map file
  • Fixed issue in Google Earth where symbols would have a white background
  • Fixed annoyance where dragging a calculation to the "+" tab would not create a new tab.
  • Fixed issue with WMS maps from Niedersachsen
  • Fixed issue in Diagnose tool not completely emptying cache data
  • Fixed issue where the Map Composer would output a map with a wrong height when using Dynamic maps
  • Fixed compatibility issues with some WMS servers
  • Fixed issue with status bar hiding when updating the WTG catalogue
  • Reduced ambiguity of legend definitions
  • Changed wording in save dialogue when exporting road object to Shape file
  • Changed wording of checkbox in Site Data Object (Purpose:WAsP) about automatic updates of weights and distances
  • Removed "[64-bit]" tag from windPRO title bar


  • Fixed error in Dutch 2011 noise code, where shutdown during night would yield a wrong result. Dutch Decibel calculations made between version 3.4.387 and 3.4.401 should be recalculated.
  • Fixed issue when changing noise map settings would cause an exception
  • Fixed issue where the user would be prompted for handling missing noise data, even if no data was missing.
  • Selected number of shown decimals for noise results now also applies to LWA [dB(A)]


  • Fixed error in shadow flicker loss calculation. Losses reported in previous 3.4 versions were too high. If you think that this could have a significant impact on your project, make sure to recalculate shadow flicker losses in Loss & Uncertainty.
  • Fixed issue with slow shadow loss calculation


  • Turbine models specified as ed. 3 turbines can now be used in ed. 4
  • Fixed issue where Class S was not allowed when using Zip & Encrypt
  • Fixed issue where a wind speed dependent definition of Class S would not work for IEC ed. 4 in the effective turbulence check
  • Added check to ensure all components have sensors when zip&encrypting a load response file.
  • Fixed issue when response models include ControlClimateParameters in sector-wise calculations where the damage matrix (but not actual result) was overwritten with omnidirectional results for the first turbine


  • Fixed issue where editing WAsP parameters would not color the "Edit WAsP parameters" button yellow


  • Fixed issue in Profile tab where the profile graph with WAsP-CFD would not update when changing the heat flux parameter
  • Fixed issue where using a cloned, but not yet calculated, PARK calculation would fail the wake cleaning
  • Fixed issue where the Filter would ignore the "=" operator
  • Fixed issue where entering a symbol character in the filter would cause an exception
  • High resolution data is now exported including seconds time-stamp


  • Changed default description naming of Meteo object with EMD-WRF data


  • Fixed issue with diverging coordinates for graphic representation, optimized and realized layouts of Park Design Object


  • Fixed error where linking multiple wind statistics to a wtg only the nearest wind statistic would be used. If you think that this could have a significant impact on your project, make sure to recalculate.
  • Fixed error where loading a Geo-tiff file into an Elevation Grid object would not be used in PARK. If you think that this could have a significant impact on your project, make sure to recalculate.
  • Fixed error where recalculating an old PARK calculation, created before version 3.2 with manual air density settings, could lead to wrong results when the air density settings were not checked/updated again before starting the calculation.
  • Fixed error where using bat curtailment would cause the total park power to defer from the sum of all turbines' power
  • Fixed issue where the input field for hub height would be reset when reopening the "Input of wake parameters and/or ambient turbulence" window.
  • Fixed issue where the input field for hub height would not match the TI height column header in the "Input of wake parameters and/or ambient turbulence" window.
  • Fixed issue where the c-factor would default to 0.4 instead of 0.48 when selecting "Advanced" Park2 wake model
  • Fixed issue where activating curtailment would generate redundant columns in result to file.
  • Fixed annoyance in PARK result to file where a curtailment with sunrise/sunset conditions would generate redundant time steps
  • Selecting the output option "Individual results for selected WTGS", is now respected in the Result to file "Park time variation - one file for each WTG". windPRO will only generate individual files for the selected turbines. Useful for large parks.
  • Added an asterisk to the "Curtailment assumptions" report if a curtailment is skipped.


  • Fixed drawing issue with graphs based on linear regression with one or more turbines having no enabled data
  • Fixed issue where calculating WCP with linear regression method combined with minimum WCP could cause inconsistent WCP values
  • Fixed annoyance where radio button selection on "Concept Choice" tab would disappear
  • Fixed issue in WCP report setup, where settings were not remembered
  • Added info-button to the Power Curve graph in the Analysis tab
  • Changed default description naming of Meteo objects created from Performance Check
  • Changed description in wind speed correction (Simplified PARK calculation)
  • Settings are now remembered when re-opening wind speed correction (Simplified PARK calculation)


  • Fixed issue where DAE models would always be photorealistic, even if rendering by symbol color was selected.
  • Fixed issue where the rendering process would start unprompted
  • Improved stitching of cylindrical panoramas with skewed rotation plane


  • Fixed issue where a calculation of a flicker map of a very specific dimension would fail.
  • Fixed issue with area objects being selectable even if ZVI is disabled
  • Fixed issue where re-visiting a SHADOW calculation with ZVI enabled would include all new Area objects, even if these were not present in the original calculation


  • Fixed error in terrain check visualization
  • Fixed issue with sector management graphic displaying angles with an offset
  • Fixed issue where running a ed.4 calculation and then changing to ed.3 would leave results from ed.4 in the report
  • Enabled the use of changing a regedit key, so the sector count will be taken from a frequency table instead of being hardcoded to 12


  • Fixed formatting issue with Main report when using scaling, but no calibration of time series.
  • Fixed issue where the duration time for completing a calculation was not correctly written in the Calculations list
  • Changed text in Output Interval in "Meteo Solar Data" tab

TR10 Quality Factor

  • Fixed issue where it was possible to scroll to a month outside the data period
  • Fixed issue where re-loading status codes after import of consistent wind speed time series would write comments to other non-comment columns
  • Added ability to handle "T" or "Z" inside status code timestamps
  • Changed starting tab when opening existing TR10 calculation


  • Fixed issue where the legend for the graph "Area with specific vertical subtended angle" would not display the upper threshold of the last class.

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