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  • Fixed issue where opening a .w33e file in 3.4 could make the information about the calcualation duration lenght and finishing time disappear.
  • Fixed issue where an Area object could cause windPRO to slow down.


  • Fixed error where PARK calculations with resource files would not accept operation mode curtailments.
  • Fixed issue when running a calculation with two .rsf files at different heights using PARK2.
  • Fixed issue where activating both start-stop times and certain curtailments could cause an exception.


  • Fixed error when using a Weibull distribution from Meteo with 0 (zero) value for A or k parameters at a height different from hub height.


  • Fixed annoyance where Print setup would display wrong icon.
  • Fixed issue where the experimental grid curtailment loss in PARK, would not be included in the annual yield loaded into Loss & Uncertainty.


  • Fixed rare issue in ETM calculation causing an exception.


  • Fixed issue where cancelling the selection of a particular filter in the filter options in the analysis-analyser would still activate the filter.
  • Fixed issue where configuring the report setup to display borders would cause the Post-Construction report to not print the calculation methodology description.
  • Fixed issue with handling of time zones, when time zone of imported SCADA data differs from the time zone in Project properties.
  • Fixed issue with erroneously calculated MTTR and MTBF, when the time window is manually set.

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