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Below you will find a list of all issues fixed in Service Pack 2:

This Service Pack contains corrections to bugs and comments reported by users. Thanks to all for submitting feedback.


  • Fixed issue where copying turbines with .dae data in the turbine catalogue was not possible.
  • Clarified help text in turbine catalogue concerning blade width.


  • Fixed issue where copied calculations would sometimes revert to Finnish DL90 Keränen 2018.
  • Fixed issue where missing octave data at hub height would throw an exception instead of offering mitigation options.


  • Fixed issue where result-to-file would not be updated after re-calculating a cloned calculation.


  • Fixed issue where viewing the calibration setup with partially defined import setup could cause an exception.
  • Fixed issue with calibration periods not being detected correctly for .row-files.
  • Fixed issue with recognizing the correct recalibration periods of Ammonit logger files.
  • Fixed issue with Ammonit API.
  • Fixed annoyance with repetitive warnings after recalibration changes.
  • "Description" data in RWD data is now reported in the Device name column under Configuration table.


  • Fixed issue where the presence of e.g. 2 full years of data, separated by an empty year would not allow PARK to run.
  • Fixed issue where using large .siteres files would cause an exception.


  • Fixed issue where the report column "Calculation distance" sometimes would not be printed.
  • Updated sun statistics according to guidelines from the Danish Housing and Planning Authority.


  • Fixed error in ed.4 where the check interval for wind speeds were defined as for ed. 3 instead of for ed.4. This might influence the "Warning" / "Critical" transition.
  • Fixed issue where Ambient turbulence would not show up in the Detailed graphic results of Effective Turbulence calculation.
  • Adjusted default settings for WEng based ambient turbulence.


  • Fixed issue where buffers would not be applied on north and south sides of PV areas.
  • Fixed issue in result-to-file where the gross production of the backside panel would include the front side production. The issue did not influence AEP.


  • Fixed a range of minor issues, improving results.


  • Fixed issue where printing a cumulative impact report after calculating subtended angles could sometimes cause an exception.

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