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March 2023, build 3.6.366

Below you will find a list of all issues fixed in Service Pack 2:

This Service Pack contains corrections to bugs and comments reported by users. Thanks to all for submitting feedback.

See list of previous releases here: windPRO releases


  • Shapefile import - improved detection of the object description data inside the dbf file
  • Shapefile export now writes object descriptions as UTF-8. Shapefiles exported from windPRO containing non-ASCII characters in object descriptions will need to be re-exported from windPRO to be corrected to UTF-8
  • Fixed issue where duplicating a layer would change the sorting order of objects
  • Fixed issue with converting downloaded roughness area to lines


  • Fixed an error where the Worst frequency threshold was wrong in Finnish codes in the Main result table. The correct result was visible in the chart and associated table
  • Fixed issue where ground attenuation value would be printed for Swedish 2009, even when it's not used
  • Fixed issue where the dynamic isoline calculation didn't react to changes in noise modes


  • Fixed an issue of import/export from Excel


  • Fixed misleading text label in Flicker-curtailment calculation, when calculating with WTG-Receptor shutdown pairs


  • Improved import of Meteo-40M logger files
  • Added a warning in Calibration setup if windPRO detects that there is a change in height in the logger for the same channel
  • Fixed error in calculating veer if one of the input direction signals had crossed north and the other had not
  • Fixed issue with Wind weibull parameters imported with 16 sectors being wrongly displayed
  • Fixed issue with faulty mean wind speed in the "Monthly means - statistics" introduced in the first windPRO 3.6 release
  • Fixed issue with a warning window appearing unnecessarily when visiting the Calibration tab after loading data


  • Improved the selection of existing WTGs by allowing layers to be selected. This is especially useful when selecting a user-defined start layout
  • Moved input field of Site to make room for German translation
  • Fixed issue where viewing the compare tab with a large number of turbines could cause an exception
  • Fixed issue where using an RSF file in Gauss-Krüger projection could make the optimizer believe there was no resource in the WTG area


  • Fixed french translation error in Main report


  • Fixed issue where filtering by "Last Month" did not work
  • Added ability to aggregate 5-minute values to 10-minute resolution
  • Fixed issue where time series with varying one second offsets could cause recovery rate checks to fail
  • Fixed issue where WTG ID Column could not be selected when there was too many top lines in files
  • Fixed issue where signal values with non-breaking spaces could not be read properly


  • Fixed issue where changing the camera FOV without opening the camera properties would cause the result to file to print a wrong FOV


  • Fixed bug where running a resource calculation with multiple masts with a scaler using an external flow file could throw an exception


  • Added ability to disable the use of TIN for an object. This is now an option in the importLayerFromFile method.


  • Fixed a display problem in the sector management graphic


  • Fixed issue where corrupt transmission lines could cause an exception
  • Fixed issue where exporting PVs and trees to SketchUp could cause an exception
  • Fixed issue where exporting to SiteVision would not work when using comma as decimal separator


  • Changed description of the concept choice for TR10 on first window
  • Extended an existing export feature to allow to comply with the second round robin test organized by FGW
  • Fixed issue with incorrect assignments of categories in 10-min time stamp.
  • Adapted an issue with end of gaps to the requirements of the FGW round robin test. Now the "No status after gap" ends at that time stamp, where either beginning or an end of an event were detected.

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