Meteo Analyzer Out of Memory

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Status: Closed - part of windPRO 3.0 Service Pack 1

Fixed in build: 609

Error: Opening the Meteo Analyzer in a project created in 2.7 or earlier versions can lead to "Out of memory"-exception

A sufficiently large number of Meteo Objects in a project created in windPRO 2.7 or earlier can lead to an "Out of memory"-exception when opening the Meteo Analyzer or selecting too many heights in the Meteo Analyzer. In Service Pack 1 for windPRO 3.0 time series data will be loaded for the selected heights when you switch from the "Data"-tab (and not upon start-up) allowing you to open the Meteo Analyzer.

Note that clicking "Apply" will still load time series data for all selected heights.

Current workarounds:

Delete some of the meteo objects in the project.