Photomontage - Draft mode change

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Status: Fixed in windPRO 3.2 Service Pack 1

Fixed in build: 695

windPRO can again allow users to load bigger files, and go to the limit where winPRO runs out of memory. This limit depends on several things like e.g. how many Photomontage windows are open, how big is the project etc. In many situations this is not a problem.

The new draft options are the following:

“Don’t use draft mode” — The mode we also had in 3.1

“A3 600dpi full page – Save full size” — This is the previous “Don’t use draft mode” in 3.2 before service pack.

“A3 600dpi full page” — Same as above, except that it does not create the full size image in the background. Faster.

“A4 600dpi full page”