WAsP Engineering 4.0 support

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Status: Open - part of windPRO 3.1 Service Pack 1

Fixed in build: 681

WAsP Engineering 4.0 was released earlier this year. WAsP Engineering 4.0 is faster and more stable than WAsP Engineering 3.1.


Until now windPRO 3.1 was only able to utilize WAsP Engineering 3.1. As of windPRO 3.1 Service Pack 1, windPRO can utilize both WAsP Engineering 3.1 & 4.0.

Read more about WAsP Engineering 4.0 http://www.wasp.dk/News/Nyhed?id=9c852c95-84d4-4afe-9d62-2c6398ac0500. Notice that windPRO only supports the features of WAsP Engineering also available in 3.1. There is currently no support for the new Spectral Correction method.

Unlike the selection of WAsP version, the selection of WAsP Engineering version to use inside windPRO, is done directly in the Site Compliance calculation. (Assuming you have both licenses)

Weng select.JPG