Writing multiple timeseries to meteo object from MCP2005

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Status: Fixed in windPRO 3.2 Service Pack 1

Fixed in build: 670

Writing multiple time series to meteo objects from the same MCP2005-calculation can cause data loss if you subsequently open and close the meteo objects. Example:

1) Two meteo objects have been created from MCP2005, A & B

2) If you exit MCP2005, open and close Meteo Object A the data is saved/updated as expected.

3) Due to an error, opening and closing Meteo Object B will replace the time series data of Meteo Object A.

Note that this error does not apply to the new edition of MCP.

Workaround: Before closing the generated meteo objects with "OK" ensure that the "Object data placement" has been set to "Internal" in the Meteo Object Setup found on the Data-tab.