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Currently (2013) WindPRO contains a database with data from existing turbines in Denmark. The data for Denmark is derived from a central database maintained by Danish Energy Agency (DEA). The DEA database is based on data delivered by the utilities. The raw database can be found on the homepage of the DEA.

This dataset is updated typically once a year. The 2009 update of the data contains the following improvements over older data:

  • Dataset reflecting the actual conditions as of the end of 2009: New turbines erected during 2009 have been included; the turbines taken down during 2009 have been excluded/deleted.
  • Improved Coordinates: EMD has made a few modifications, where obvious errors are found.
  • Wind index corrected production (WCP) is calculated by EMD for all turbines including the recorded production data from 2009.
  • EMD has established a link to the WindPRO WTG data catalogue. Now most turbine types are indentified by WindPRO when doing an import.

Please note, that the production source is always the DEA database while the wind index corrected production, WCP, are calculated by EMD using the version 0.6 of the EMD regional wind index. Information on the wind index published by EMD is found at the vindstat homepage.

Naming Convention for the Existing Danish Turbines

The naming of the existing Danish turbines is generated from the identification number in the DEA database along with the rated power, the manufacturer and the site name. In case the site name is not included in the database, then the municipality name will be used. Examples of the turbine names after import in WindPRO are shown in the below. A limited number of turbines may be labeled as “not found”; typically because the turbine type has not been identified by the WindPRO wind turbine catalogue.

Figure: The object list gives the overview after import.

Method for Calculating the WCP

Using the WCP is very convenient when comparing actual production data against calculated production. EMD has made a small memo that describes the method used when removing erroneous data and correcting for differencens in wind indes. The memo is available here:

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