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These pages give an introduction to the origin of the datasets available through the EMD / WindPRO internet server services. These services are implemented in order to aid the access to global or regional datasets of:

Most of these datasets are available directly from the individual objects in WindPRO holding the dataset of interest, e.g. roughness data are loaded from the ‘Online Data’ button in the area object of WindPRO. Note, that even if the datasets delivered may be convenient to use in many wind turbine projects, then a critical review of the data is always needed, as these are typically delivered from remote sensing devices, where the accuracy is not as high as typically required within such applications. Due to the global or large regional coverage of these datasets, another issue is that erroneous data are bound to exist, even if automated quality checks have been performed – as well as site-specific evaluations of the data by the WindPRO team. Thus, when working on a specific site, it is crucial that you do a quality evaluation of the online-datasets that you choose to use.

These pages give a brief introduction to all of the datasets, as well as references to their origin. Before using the datasets, please consult the individual dataset descriptions and internet resources to clarify the details and limitations for these data and any restrictions in their application in the commercial field.

Example: Satellite Image of the NE-Part of Brazil from GeoCover Maps.
Climate data - overview. Click the image to open table.
Remaining online data - overview. Click the image to open table.


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