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OS Terrain 50 digital elevation data at a wind farm in Northamptonshire, UK. Picture contains Ordnance Survey data © Crown copyright and database right 2018 Ordnance Survey

OS Terrain 50 is a digital elevation dataset for Great Britain – actively maintained by the Ordnance Survey: Two versions of the dataset exist: one vector-dataset that provides height contours with a 10 m vertical spacing and one gridded dataset with a grid-spacing of 50 m. The resolution of the dataset corresponds to a 1:50000 mapping scale. Update frequency is once a year – in July. Three versions are accessible from with windPRO - the recent 2020 version and earlier versions from 2018 and 2014.

Dataset Overview

  • Spatial Coverage: The whole of Great Britain (but not including Northern Ireland).
  • Resolution: 50m grid spacing
  • Data-type: Digital Terrain Model (DTM)
  • Coordinate system:
    • Horizontal: British National Grid (EPSG: 27700) in original data
    • Vertical: Ordnance Datum Newlyn (EPSG: 5701)
  • Version: Three versions are available with windPRO: 2020, 2018 and 2014
  • Vertical Accuracy: 4m RMSE

Usage Notes

  • For projects in Northern Ireland, we recommend the OSNI Open-Data 10m gridded digital elevation dataset.
  • For projects in Wales - also consider the LiDAR dataset available in the Wales Elevation Model.
  • Need higher resolution data? OS maintains a commercial, higher resolution dataset 'OS Terrain 5'
  • The user guide and technical specification for the OS Terrain 50 dataset is available here in this pdf-file.
  • We recommend using the most recent version of the data (e.g. for windPRO: the 2020 release)

Availability in WindPRO

The 'OS Terrain 50' data can be accessed from the online-services in the following objects:

  • Line Object (with purpose to height contour lines)
  • Elevation Grid Object


The data is distributed according to the OS OpenData terms . Please take proper care to add proper attribution in order to acknowledge the source of information. Typically, this is done by adding the following statement to your report-picture or map:

Credit: Contains OS data © Crown copyright and database right 2020. Distribution through EMD and windPRO.


  • The UK Ordnance Survey and the public of UK are thanked for producing this digital elevation dataset – and disseminating it in the public domain and thus for aiding the development of renewable energy.

Raw Data Types

  • Raw vector data is stored in shape file format or GML3.2.
  • Grid data is stored in either ASCII-Grid or GML3.2.

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