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Whitelee Wind Farm with wind tubine data from OSM


windPRO contains a database of existing turbine locations derived from the Open Street Map project.
The dataset is not comprehensive as contributions are made by volunteers on an ad-hoc basis. The database only contains the positions for the turbines, not the type, rating or dimensions - but it may still be helpful in identifying nearby turbine positions which may influence your calculations in windPRO. The database has global coverage.

Please note:

  1. Import data: Is done by accessing the drop-down menu in windPRO: 'Data' -> 'Online WTG Data'
  2. What data is available? WindPRO will parse the available and relevant data - and add it to the WTG Object. WindPRO will also write the available metadata into the 'Description' tab of the 'Existing WTG'-Object.

Update Frequency

This dataset is typically updated once a year.


OpenStreepMap data is free to use under an open licence, as long as OpenStreetMap and its contributors are credited.
The OSM licence FAQ deals with many of the licence questions: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Legal_FAQ

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