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Four existing WTGs to the west of village of Chateau-du-Loir


The « Eolien terrestre » database of the Géorisques portal is the official public French database for wind turbines. It contains wind turbine information such as location, model or hub height along with windfarm information (name, operator, …) and project key dates. From 23/04/2022, French developers and operators are required by law to register onshore wind turbines in the OREOL database (used as a source by the Géorisques portal) as soon as a permit has been applied for it. As of December 2023, users of windPRO 4.0+ can import Existing-WTG objects in windPRO based on the content of the « Eolien terrestre » database of the Géorisques portal. EMD's database 'FR_Wind_Turbines_Georisques' is automatically updated from the official database every week. Wind turbines which are deleted from the official database are removed from our database every week.

Usage Notes

The « Eolien terrestre » database of the Géorisques portal is still being expanded and developed. As such, there are a number of issues to be aware about:

  1. The data is submitted by the developers and operators and it has not been edited by EMD.
  2. Offshore wind turbines are not listed in the « Eolien terrestre » database
  3. Wind turbines with hub height below 50m don’t necessarily require a permit application and thus may not be listed in the « Eolien terrestre » database
  4. Wind turbines listed in the « Eolien terrestre » database may not have been erected yet : check on Use start/stop dates in the Operation tab (or in the Description tab) of imported Existing-WTG objects to know if they have.
  5. A mapping of the « Eolien terrestre » database turbine type with known types from the windPRO wind turbine catalogue is made. About 60% will provide a first match, so please consider to manually edit and validate the turbine types after downloading.

Available metadata can be found in the 'Description' tab of imported Existing-WTG objects.

License and Attribution

All data of the « Eolien terrestre » database of the Géorisques portal accessible via windPRO is public data and there are no limitations to the use of the data. Géorisques is a partnership between the French Ministry for Ecological Transition and Territorial Cohesion and BRGM (the French public establishment for earth science applications). The data is publicly available from Please use the following attribution when using this dataset:

Source: Derived from geospatial data from the « Eolien terrestre » database operated by Géorisques.
Data-processing and distribution by EMD and windPRO.


Géorisque is thanked for producing and disseminating this database through its web portal and thus for aiding the development of renewable energy and wind-energy in particular.

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