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WindPRO: Example of WTG Turbine Dataset

The WindPRO Wind Turbine Catalogue holds data on almost 900 different turbines (or variants). While you are able to add new turbine data manually (see the BASIS manual), it is also possible to update the catalogue using the EMD onlines services.

The update is simply done by clicking the 'Updates -> WTG Catalogue' drop down menu in the WindPRO window. WindPRO will then check the files on the EMD server against your local copy and suggest to download any missing files.

Your local database copy of the WTG Catalogue is typically located in this folder on your harddrive:

c:\WindPRO data\WTG Data

Update Frequency

The wind turbine catalogue at EMD-servers are updated with an irregular frequency. Typically, new data from the turbine manufacturers are released two to three times a year.