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AW3D30 DSM data at Bahrain. Both contour line representation and gridded data are shown.

This page holds a list of some of the major 3rd party commercial providers of high-resolution and high-quality DEMs. Typically, a DEM, DTM or DSM purchased from one of these providers comes with a per-square-kilometer price-tag - along with a minimum purchase area requirement (typically in the order of some hundreds of square kilometres). Most vendors will deliver data in a standard GIS format such as geotiff, xyz, surfer-grid or ESRI-shape-files; these data are easily loaded into the elevation-objects or the line-objecs of windPRO. windPRO will smoothly generate height contour lines - if you choose to purchase data in a raster format only.

Please drop us a line at if you know of more vendors that you think should be added to the list.

List of 3rd Party Commercial DEM Providers

Below a list of commercial providers of DSMs or DEMs.

Euro-Maps 3D from GAF-AG

EuroMaps 3D.png

GAF-AG provides a variety of DSM models in resolutions from 0.30m to 5.0m (with the Euro-Maps 3D dataset) based on Multi-stereo satellite data. The Euro-Maps 3D dataset, which is already available for all of Europe and some other countries, was a part of a DEM-quality study by EMD International presented at the Wind Resource workshop in Brussel 2019. Here, the Euro-Maps 3D model came out with a nice performance at the Norwegian Midtfjellet site (see page 14 in this pdf).

Read more about the Euro-Maps 3D dataset and download demo samples here - and feel free to contact GAF-AG data-team at the following email address:

AW3D from NTT-Data and RESTEC


ALOS World 3D (AW3D) is the higher resolution, commercial 'cousin' of the AW3D30 dataset.

Read more about the AW3D dataset here.

WorldDEM from Airbus


World DEM from Airbus is a DEM with global pole-to-pole coverage. It comes with a 12m resolution and its accuracy is specified at 2m (relative) and 4m (absolute). It is possible to purchase both DSM and DTMs from the WorldDEM databases.

Read more on WorldDEM here



DHI-Gras is a partner in our joint InnoWind project and is a distributor of many DEMs. As such, DHI-GRAS is able to provide guidance on which DEM is appropriate and cost-efficient to use.

Read more on DHI-GRAS offerings here