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Wind index regions in Denmark with monthly wind index data from April 2013.

The Danish Wind Index Data is a wind turbine production index that is developed and maintained by EMD International A/S.

The Windindex data is imported and utilized in the WCP (Windindex Corrected Production) section of the Performance Check module.

The data originates from http://www.vindstat.dk/ and is updated on a monthly basis.


The method and its results has been validated in a number of memos and publications (mainly in Danish). You can find the publications here:

  1. Description of the calculation method as implemented in 2003 (in English)
  2. Revision of the Wind Index in 2006 due to new knowledge on long term levels (in Danish)
  3. Validation of the consistency in the Wind Index, 2008 (in Danish)
  4. The best wind index in the world. A comprehensive overview of the Index (in Danish)

Data Examples in the WindPRO Performance Check

An example of the windindex data is displayed in the figure below. The data is split into regions, of which there are currently 11 in Denmark.

Example of Danish WindIndex data from Performance Check

Method for Calculating the WCP

Using the WCP is very convenient when comparing actual production data against calculated production. EMD has produced a small memo that describes the method used when removing erroneous data and correcting for differences in wind indexes. The memo is available here:


You will need a license for the Danish WTG Catalogue (Existing Turbines in Denmark) in order to use this feature. Prices are found here: http://www.emd.dk/WindPRO/Price%20List/