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GlobCover Roughness Data in WindPRO

GlobCover is an ESA initiative which began in 2005 in partnership with JRC, EEA, FAO, UNEP, GOFC-GOLD and IGBP. The aim of the project was to develop a service capable of delivering global composites and land cover maps using as input observations from the 300m MERIS sensor on board the ENVISAT satellite mission. ESA makes available the land cover maps, which cover 2 periods: December 2004 - June 2006 and January - December 2009. See more at:

There is a validation report available at:


This dataset has a global coverage (except for the arctics). It is based on a 300 m x 300 m grid.


The Globcover dataset has 23 different categories that EMD has mapped in to a suggest roughness length, z0.

Table: GlobCover legend with Roughness Classification Data by EMD
ID Land Cover Type EMD Roughness Class
11 Post-flooding or irrigated croplands (or aquatic) z0=0.100
14 Rainfed croplands z0=0.100
20 Mosaic cropland (50-70%) / vegetation (grassland/shrubland/forest) (20-50%) z0=0.07
30 Mosaic vegetation (grassland/shrubland/forest) (50-70%) / cropland (20-50%) z0=0.07
40 Closed to open (>15%) broadleaved evergreen or semi-deciduous forest (>5m) z0=0.5
50 Closed (>40%) broadleaved deciduous forest (>5m) z0=0.4
60 Open (15-40%) broadleaved deciduous forest/woodland (>5m) z0=0.4
70 Closed (>40%) needleleaved evergreen forest (>5m) z0=0.5
90 Open (15-40%) needleleaved deciduous or evergreen forest (>5m) z0=0.4
100 Closed to open (>15%) mixed broadleaved and needleleaved forest (>5m) z0=0.4
110 Mosaic forest or shrubland (50-70%) / grassland (20-50%) z0=0.07
120 Mosaic grassland (50-70%) / forest or shrubland (20-50%) z0=0.07
130 Closed to open (>15%) (broadleaved or needleleaved, evergreen or deciduous) shrubland (<5m) z0=0.07
140 Closed to open (>15%) herbaceous vegetation (grassland, savannas or lichens/mosses) z0=0.05
150 Sparse (<15%) vegetation z0=0.07
160 Closed to open (>15%) broadleaved forest regularly flooded (semi-permanently or temporarily) - Fresh or brackish water z0=0.1
170 Closed (>40%) broadleaved forest or shrubland permanently flooded - Saline or brackish water z0=0.1
180 Closed to open (>15%) grassland or woody vegetation on regularly flooded or waterlogged soil - Fresh, brackish or saline water z0=0.03
190 Artificial surfaces and associated areas (Urban areas >50%) z0=0.4
200 Bare areas z0=0.02
210 Water bodies z0=0.0002
220 Permanent snow and ice z0=0.001
230 No data (burnt areas, clouds,…) z0=N/A

License and Acknowledgement

When using the dataset please use the following acknowledgement:

Global land cover data: © ESA 2010 and UCLouvain

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