German Topographic Maps and Ortophotos

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Land surveying in Germany is under the authority of the Bundesländer (administrative Regions). Those follow different policies concerning the licensing and availability of maps. You can find a list of the web sites of the Bundesländer's Surveying offices here

Available Data

On the Wikipage WMS-Server Deutschland (in German) you'll find more information about the data that's presently available in Germany.

The first table on that page lists the Bundesländer which do offer some data under an open license (usually Datenlizenz Deutschland 2.0). The data listed in this table is available in windPRO's WMS interface (see below).

The second table lists the web portals of the Bundesländer which don't have relevant data under an open license. You may still be able to access that data via a WMS server if you purchase a license.

Abbreviations in first table:

  • DTK: Digitale Topographische Karte (Digital topographic map), with scale appended (e.g. 25 for 1:25,000)
  • DOP: Digital Ortophoto with pixel size in cm appended

Availability from within windPRO

  • To access WMS-services of the Bundesländer: Click ‘Project’ → ‘Properties’ → ‘Background Maps’ → ‘Import from WMS server’. Please note that not all Bundesländer maintain WMS services. Those that do will be prefixed with "DE" in the list of WMS servers.

License and Attribution

The WMS servers provided in windPRO will add the required attribution of the respective dataset.