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Below you will find a list of all issues fixed in Service Pack 2:

This Service Pack mostly contains corrections to bugs reported by users. Thanks to all for submitting feedback.

Data Service


  • Fixed issue in project wizard where roughness areas could not be converted to lines.
  • Fixed issue where the Project Wizard were not able to convert roughness areas to lines.
  • Fixed issue where in certain areas download of roughness lines could cause an exception
  • Fixed issue where selecting a Site Data Object on the map would move it to equator.
  • Fixed issue where if selecting multiple WTGs, where the first and last WTGs have the same hub height, and the rotor angle is changed for all WTGs, then the hub height of the first and last turbines would be imposed on all WTGs.
  • Fixed rare activation issue.
  • Added shortcut to TeamViewer under "Help"


  • Fixed issue with overlapping buttons.
  • Fixed issue where the "Averaging" option in the time series graph could cause miniscule time shifts over long time periods when exporting to clipboard.


  • Fixed issue where the Gun shot plot would show disabled wind direction data.
  • Fixed issue where flags were not shown on time series graph.
  • Fixed rare issue where updating list of signals in time series graph could cause exception.
  • Fixed issue where the Advanced enable/disable matrix window in Meteo Analyzer could display check boxes for non-existent signals at certain heights.
  • Fixed issue with color discrepancy between graph legend and the Advanced enable/disable matrix window.
  • Fixed rare issue where flags would be wrongfully displayed on the time series graph. However, any auto-disabling would ignore such erroneous flags.


  • Updated color scheme of wind rose and diurnal wind speed graphs to match concurrency graph.


  • Fixed issue where the input of min/max distances in the "Setup and Check" window was not respected.
  • Fixed issue with reading some .rsf files.


  • Scaler can now perform post-calibration with 16 sectors.
  • Fixed bug where a calculation using .flowres files would not start if the hub-height was exactly equal to the highest height in the Flowres file.
  • Sectors in .flowres files no longer needs to be sorted.
  • Fixed issue where time stamps generated as a result of time-dependent curtailments would not be weighted by duration when calculating the aggregated mean wind speed in the report.
  • Fixed issue where the use of multiple different PowerMatrices with identical operation mode names would print the wrong name in the report.
  • Fixed issue where the Wind statistics info report in PARK could show erroneous dates for long term period.


  • PARK-calculated losses are now displayed with the text "Included" instead of a greyed-out checkbox.
  • Fixed issue where PARK-calculated curtailment losses for birds, bats, noise and other curtailments would be weighted together with all other losses, instead of summed together by simple addition (as stated in yellow info-text).


  • Fixed report-generating issue when placing a camera below sea-level.
  • Fixed issue where layer text would not be shown if turbines were outside photo.


  • Fixed issue where the choice of program language would cause six generic load response models to be hidden.
  • Fixed issue in Effective Turbulence graph where no turbines would be shown if the coordinate system had settings: zone in eastern coordinate: "yes" or "last digit only" for UTM WGS84, ETM ED50 and GK (3deg)-DHDN/PD/Bessel.
  • Fixed issue where collapsing the tree-structure in the Mast tab, could make the long-term corrected mean wind speed field to display as zero.


  • Updated handling of Danish noise codes regarding offshore wind farms.
  • Fixed issue in report for ISO 9613-2 German Interimsverfahren calculation where the angles of obstacles for noise reflection were always displayed as 0 degrees.
  • Fixed issue where the uncertainty was only printed in "Result details", and not the other pages.
  • Fixed issue where a deactivated interactive isoline layer would display itself on the map after changes were made to the WTG layout.
  • Fixed issue with uncertainty also being assumed for ambient noise.
  • Fixed issue with the "Save as project default" button in the NSA object did not work properly.


  • Fixed issue where adding existing WTGs to an existing shadow calculation with new WTGs only, the existing WTGs would not appear in the list of symbols on the map.


  • Fixed issue where importing PV areas from windPRO object export file did not work.

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