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Example of Blended Sea Winds Data. Picture from the NOAA web site. Credit: NOAA & Dr. Huai-Min Zhang.

The Blended Coastal Winds dataset is an EMD coastal region subset of the NOAA Blended Sea Winds dataset. The Blended Sea Winds dataset originates from the NOAA / NESDIS / National Climatic Data Center, USA. This sub-dataset is provided and processed by EMD International A/S.


This dataset contains globally-gridded high-resolution ocean surface winds and wind stresses on a global 0.25 degree grid.

Data Source

The dataset has up to four daily records, where the winds have been blended from multiple records from up to six satellites equipped with scatterometers. Due to the varying number of satellites available, the sampling frequency of a particular area varies over time (see more on the NOAA web site).

The winds are 10-minute averages in 10 m height. The wind direction is from the NCEP reanalysis 2 (NRA-2) dataset. Please note that NOAA considers the Blended Sea Winds product as a research product, thus, they are considered as experimental in nature.

Horns Rev, Denmark: Comparing Blended Coastal Winds Data with nearby MERRA and SYNOP data.

External Links

Read more on the dataset on the NOAA website:


NOAA data is available to the public. Read more in the NOAA/National Climatic Data Center Open Access Policy.


Credits: Dr. Huai-Min Zhang and NOAA/NESDIS/National Climatic Data Center.