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Topography Image with Bathymetry Overlay. The image shows 3 offshore wind farms off the coast of the Netherlands along with EMODnet bathymetry data.

Bathymetry data in windPRO are mainly based on open internet resources.


When using bathymetry models based on regional or global sources, you must alwaus consider the accuracy of the dataset used - and if the accuracy is feasible for the intended use (such as a pre-feasibility study or an final layout). This is especially important in the vicinity of the wind farm and other associated objects, where the downloaded digital data should be validated against recent local data-sources, such a nautical maps or in-situ surveys.

Higher Resolution Models (Commercial Offerings)

It is possible to procure higher-quality, commercial grade data through 3rd party vendors. Data will typically be delivered in formats like GeoTiff - which is easily imported into windPRO. EMD co-operation partner DHI-GRAS offers 2m and 90m gridded bathymetry data through their web portal

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