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Build 633

WAsPResCalc can utilize more memory

Build 627

New German Noise model (Interimsverfahren)

Build 626

Closing Meteo Analyzer With X

Build 620

windPRO export upload changed to HTTP

Build 619

WAsP 11 not required for .flowres calculations using measurement data

Build 618

Missing point in flow request area

Build 617 - Released as windPRO 3.1 Service Pack 2

Build 613

New Chinese translations
New Nord2000 calculation engine

Build 608

Issue manually loading CFD results

Build 607

Shadow Calculations Result-to-file

Build 605

Noise maps in Nord 2000 calculations
Errors in WAsP Engineering calculations handled better

Build 603

Issue with slow map files on network drives

Build 601

Issue with Displacement heights in Site Compliance
Improve windPRO behavior when the EMD webserver is off-line

Build 599

Unable to detect other windPRO running
Issue with calculating full TIN for large file

Build 597 - Released as windPRO 3.1 Service Pack 1

Rotating cursor problem

Build 593

Result export 'reduced wind speeds in wind farm' available again

Build 592

Import from Excel issue

Build 589

Issue with curtailment

Build 588

Issue with Vestas noise data

Build 582

Import of Wake decay constants
WAsP Engineering 4.0 support
Corrected bug after request whether to select energy level adapted wind statistic

Build 581

Issue with moving site center on the map
Issue with reports in Performance Check
Interactive DECIBEL Isoline map updating again

Build 580

Some issues with Road Object
Noise data in turbine catalogue report
Zero line in Shadow Calculations are handle like in windPRO 3.0
Issue with wrong AEP for calculations with mixed new/exist WTGs

Build 579 - Released as windPRO 3.1