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Build 744

Fixed an issue when running large calculations in SITE COMPLIANCE using CFD tiles.
Fixed an issue with user defined film formats when printing PHOTOMONTAGE reports.

Build 743

This build fixes an issue with Loss and Uncertainty reports having blank names.

Build 742

Released as Service Pack 4

WAsP Profile with displacement height
PARK time varying calculation with scaler based on CFD
PARK load calculation setup improved
IEC61400-12-1 GK support and result to file
Loss and Uncertainty wind sector management report
NORD2000 LF Report shows frequency distribution

Build 734

Selection of multiple .kmz files not possible
Error prevented project save
Streetview importer did not work
RESOURCE with WAsP 12 and sector wise displacement height could crash
Shadow in avoided flicker could cause error
SITE COMPLIANCE - error in displacement height in wind shear calculation
LOAD RESPONSE - error in inflow angle (leads to very small errors on loads)
Erroneous display of PARK and MODEL selection of Weibull/Measure
Error when using sector wise displacement height in Meteo profile.
NORD2000 map for statistical
ORA Background elevation and holes fixed
ORA classes/lengths swapped
SHADOW handling large areas
SHADOW reporting speed increase
SHADOW speed of opening properties increase
WINDBANK report i landscape
Windows 10 Symphonie File Reader

Build 712

Released as Service Pack 2

Build 711

Park2 wake model from WAsP 12 has been fully implemented in 3.2
Turbulence data for wake models based on turbulence were not shown in advanced setup

Build 709

NSA Restriction Areas Painted Wrong

Build 708

Error in Finnish low frequency calculation has been fixed
Lden selection was not ported from calculation in 3.1 to 3.2
Fixed error for noise maps with Lden needing recalculation of noise data to hub height
Fixed error for maps with max noise, e.g. Norwegian

Build 705

Changing auto detected logger setup columns

Build 704

Bug in "Save as PDF" for MCP
Bug in wake loss calculation when using curtailment

Build 702

Flagging wind directions
NORD2000 and elevation grid

Build 701

Released as Service Pack 1

Build 700

NSA Restriction Areas Not Shown
ORA Problem With Roughness Lines Boundaries
Painting of many shadow or NSA objects is slow

Build 699

Pasting many objects in object list is slow
Error importing xyz files with zone in x coordinate

Build 695

New Data Protection policy window (GDPR)
Photomontage - Draft mode change
Noise maps did not work for shut down WTGs

Build 687

Report map not shown in landscape format

Build 685

Save reports in .WMF format

Build 684

Pasting frequency body only

Build 683

Relative humidity missing in air density setup
Add scaled height crashes
Choice of Individual noise data not remembered
Online Connection Issues
Park efficiency reintroduced
Topographic shadow calculation did not work

Build 672

ORA Roughness Length Expected

Build 670

Writing multiple timeseries to meteo object from MCP2005
MCP Changes in time offset when using Averaging
MCP Changes; limit periods moved to "Measure" tab, "Filters" renamed to "Adjustments"

Build 669

First release version