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windPRO 3.5 User Manual

1: Installation and activation
2: Basis
3: Energy
4: EMD Cluster Services
5: Loads
6: Environment
7: Visual
8: Optimization
9: E-grid
10: Windbank
11: Operation - Performance Check
11: Operation - Post Construction
12: Meteorological Data Handling
13: Quality factor calculation (TR10)
14: Solar PV
15: Hybrid

Appendix: A Noise propagation models
Appendix: 3A MCP2005

WindPRO Reference Documents

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The PowerMatrix format
MERRA2 as a trusted reference wind dataset
Accuracy of modelled TI in Germany
Air Density Model
Wake and Turbulence Models in WindPRO
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WindPRO Power Curve Options
MCP Methods in WindPRO
Roughness in WindPRO
WAsP Engineering in WindPRO (Loads)
Using Bing maps in windPRO

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Manuals from Earlier Versions
WindPRO manuals from earlier versions are available here.

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WindPRO Quick Guides

Start using windPRO
Multiple instances of windPRO

Cleaning data with flagging in Meteo
MCP (Measure - Correlate - Predict)

Park with Scaler, Meso Data & Turbine prod.
Park with Scaler & mesured wind data
Park with Scaler, Meso Data & wind data
Curtailments in PARK

EMD WRF On demand
WAsP CFD in windPRO

Site Compliance
Load Response

IEC61400-12-1 Angle and Terrain Check

SketchUp Integration
Sharing and viewing 3D models online
Solar PV: Creating and visualizing layouts
Solar PV: Energy Calculation
HYBRID: Solar with prices, demand and storage

Performing Regression Test of windPRO
64-bit windPRO

Technical Notes

Covers calibration and validation of the models embedded in WindPRO.
1: Photomontage
2: Test of the PARK model
3: WAsP10 and WindPRO
4: WAsP-CFD Validation Report
5: Park model revision
6: EMD-WRF On-Demand
7: Validation of EMD-WRF Europe+
8: Validation of SOLAR PV Module

These documents may be used only by users holding a valid registration key for the WindPRO software. Other use requires a written permission from EMD International A/S.