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Site: Østerild National Test Site, Denmark
Sentinel 2 spacecraft (Credit: ESA and Airbus)

Introduction to InnoWind

This wiki-page holds an overview of datasets developed, distributed or processed using technology developed during the InnoWind project. InnoWind is a joint R&D effort for improving land-surface models for wind energy modelling. The project focuses on land-surface modelling with the aid of modern satellite sensors and remote sensing equipment. The project is executed during years 2017-2020.

These products are developed based on data-sources from the excellent European Union Copernicus System (using datasets such as EU-DEM, Corine land cover, Copernicus Global Land Cover - 100m (Demonstration Dataset for Africa), Sentinel-2 cloud-free scenes) or from alternative sources (such as national or regional land survey offices or data centers).

Project Partners

InnoWind is a joint R&D project with 5 participants - and co-funded by the Danish Innovation Fund:

  1. EMD International A/S (and the windPRO team)
  2. DTU Wind Energy & DTU Space
  4. Vestas
  5. Vattenfall